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  1. I've gotten admission to my top choice and while there's a stipend, it'll definitely be a bit of a struggle since I'm financially independent of my parents (we're poor, basically). To make it worse, it's a typical PhD stipend on an LA cost of living budget, so I'm definitely gonna have to stretch out that cash like crazy. Thankfully I got a job out of college, and I've been saving, so I have enough to move to LA and get a cheap place. This is a bit of a jumble of information, but here it is: -Be VERY realistic and honest with yourself on how much you can afford. I had lofty dreams of gett
  2. hi all. I've been admitted to a PhD program and I'm getting an ok stipend, but relative to the city I'm moving to I'll barely be making it by. Do cost of living scholarships even exist? Are there things that I can apply for to subsidize cost of living? FYI I'm on a student visa
  3. I think it's a good idea, especially if you mention something you spoke about during your interview. It helps them remember you better, and who knows, someone may give you insight on how the interview went. I emailed all the professors I interviewed with and 3/4 wrote back with positive things to say, so it doesn't hurt. Plus it's just courteous
  4. Salutations, fellow Trojans! Officially accepted admission today ?
  5. haha, it was -20F when I got the news that I'm going to Cali! It's a sign
  6. that's a little coercive, me thinks? IDK, I'd talk to a seasoned professor in your school, if you know someone whose insight you trust, because you 100% should have the time to make an informed decision, especially if the program's deadline is not til April. It's a little unfair that they're making it sound like a 'now or never' deal
  7. Just got my first acceptance, and it's my top choice (USC), stoked about going to Cali! I have an interview weekend this week at Thomas Jefferson for a similar program, was a little too late to back out, unfortunately. Who else applied to biomedical sciences? Where are you waiting to hear back from?
  8. accepted to USC (Cali) Biomedical sciences PhD program! STOKED! Never would've guessed I'd end up in Cali tbh, not mad one bit ?
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