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  1. Needing some advice here... I have received an offer a little less than a month ago, and while talking with the POI I told him I would be able to decide if accepting the offer or not around mid-March, as I anticipated my last interview (last week of February) will have results by then. However, the last school I interviewed at turned out to have limited spots within the department and therefore the POI I applied to didn't even know if he could take a student this year, so the wait time can't be predicted. So should I tell the POI of the first school that I would need a little bit more time to wait on this second decision, or would that be inappropriate? Thanks!
  2. I don't think it means rejection yet, it might just mean that not every professor can take a student this year and maybe other professors are more prioritized than your POI, so they might just need to wait to see if there will be spots opening up for other professors to take students. Since they messaged you about keeping you posted I think you still have a chance.
  3. any news from U of Denver after interviews? I know they have two interview dates, but I have seen on the results page that some results from the clinical program were released. Not sure about the other programs... anyone heard anything?
  4. A lot of my friends who applied to clinical psychology programs applied to work at research labs in a hospital, or university research labs that recruit from hospital. These opportunities don't necessarily give you clinical experience, but they do often work with clinical populations, which is a good experience to have on your resume. Sometimes if you work as a staff in university research labs you can take master-level classes or pursue a masters part-time and you can get huge discount on tuition.
  5. Is it a red flag that the professor I applied to has student who dropped out before? I asked one of his graduate students about this and he explained that the person dropped out partially because of the program fit and mostly due to her personal problems, however that person is in a different program than the one I applied to. Should I be worried?
  6. It sounds like they all like you which is a good sign, especially that the professor called you to tell you this. Sometimes they might not give you a guaranteed admission because of funding or that the department might have to allocate spots between professors and some are more prioritized than others. I would say overall you have a good chance but it's not guaranteed.
  7. I heard from them end of last week. It didn't sound like an interview invite tho, the person simply mentioned we would talk about the program, my goals and current opportunities, and the status of decision-making progress (it sounded very vague)
  8. did you interview with them? I got an email scheduling a time to chat on the phone with them
  9. So I interviewed at a school and sent thank you emails to the grad students and professors I talked to. However I received a response from one of them saying it was nice meeting me and good luck to my future endeavors. Should I be panic? It just seems wishing people luck on their future endeavors is usually implied in rejection...
  10. Is anyone familiar with/have heard things about how much the ranking of psychology programs matter when it comes to continuing in academia/wanting to apply for faculty jobs in universities after graduation?
  11. Is anyone familiar with/have heard things about how much the ranking of psychology programs matter when it comes to continuing in academia/wanting to apply for faculty jobs in universities after graduation?
  12. Is it normal for POIs to take some time after interview to get back to you because they might need to finalize the funding? Like if the funding comes from the department would it take a longer time to decide how to allocate them?
  13. Do professors at the same department get back to their applicants at different times post-interview? I interviewed about 10 days ago, and one of the professors mentioned they would get back to us in 7-10 days. Another applicant applied to a different professor in the same department told me she already heard back from her POI about acceptance after a week, however I haven't heard anything from mine. Should I assume I am sort of "wait-listed" at this point? If they indicated the time frame is 7-10 days should I follow up soon?
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