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  1. Hi all, I have been looking through the social work threads and have found it very comforting to know that there are people who are going through the application and decision process with me. I needed some advice on making a decision on which MSW program to choose. I only applied to two programs which are the University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston programs, I have been accepted to both as well. Problem is, they both have pros and cons for me and I'm having a really hard time choosing which school to attend. Here are the pros and cons: UT Pros: Living on my own (I currently live at home in Houston with my parents) Highly ranked social work program I get to challenge myself in a new school/city UT Cons: I have no professional connections in Austin I would have to start networking again Housing is expensive UH Pros: I have professional connections in Houston I currently have a mental health internship that helps me gain experience for the future Houston is a city which has a lot of internship opportunities for MSW students I am comfortable with UH (I did my undergrad here) and I know the school I would save money on housing UH Cons: I would have to live with my family (I tried negotiating living on my own but parents wont let me) Limited chance to grow as a person on my own* *I live in a south asian household which is pretty different from the individualized American ideal, for me living on my own lets me choose where to go whenever I want and do what I want without having my parents criticize or question my decisions/try to control me. This might sound like an easy decision for some of you, but for me it determines how I will be spending the next two years of my life and if it will help me grow as a person and in my career. I appreciate any help I can get.
  2. I heard back about a week ago, but I submitted my application in late November. When I contacted them about decisions earlier in the month they said that they would be sending out decisions starting March since thats when applications are due. Im guessing they gave mine early because I applied way ahead of time. You should be hearing from them soon. Good luck!
  3. Have you heard back from financial aid? I was told that they wont give out financial aid decisions until March. Also, congrats!!
  4. Thank you! Unfortunately I have not heard back about financial aid yet nor did they tell me when I would be notified about that. I applied to UT Austin and the University of Houston, i've only heard back from UT so far. I'm not sure where I'll be going yet because it depends on a lot of factors but I am excited about the opportunity to go to UT.
  5. Hi all, I have been following this thread for a while and decided to just now make an account and post. I completed my application to UT around the end of November. They confirmed that they received my application in December before winter break through a letter in the mail and through MyStatus. The status changed from received to in review in January. On Feb 4th they told me that the application status has been updated and to check MyStatus, when I checked it said that I had been accepted. Please let me know if you guys have any questions, and good luck to all those still waiting! ?
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