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  1. I got an email last night that I was waitlisted for UCLA. They aren't my top choice, and I've got other offers so I'll be taking my name off the list. Hope you all get the results you want!!
  2. I got my decision letter on the applyweb portal today! Might be worth checking, if you haven't. Good luck!
  3. I emailed Trenadia, and she said she would try to get me an update by the end of today so fingers crossed that I find out some good news today.
  4. Have you heard anything from them yet? My portal and everything is still the same. I'm debating emailing for an update.
  5. The longer I wait for a response, the more anxious I get! I feel guilty for sitting on other acceptances, but UH is my top choice. Hopefully I get an update soon.
  6. For what it's worth, I reached out to a few programs to inquire about when I could expect to hear from them after getting an acceptance from somewhere else. I can't speak for all programs, but I did end up getting a general timeline in response, and it must not have affected my chances as I ended up getting accepted. I don't think asking for an update or when you could expect to hear by would be bad.
  7. That's great! I definitely feel you on the private school cost with some of the places I applied. They're good programs but so much money it's hard to justify. Are you attending any visiting days before accepting?
  8. I got my acceptance from UTK today, so the only schools I'm waiting on are University of Houston (top choice of course) and UCLA. Where is everyone else still waiting to hear from?
  9. Which UT are you referring to?
  10. I applied by their January 15th deadline and still haven't heard yet.
  11. I think I got too panicked before I got that far! Thank you for your help lol
  12. Congrats!! Does your letter say you were nominated or just that you got it? Mine says I was nominated for tuition remission too, but I don't know if that means it's for sure yet.
  13. I just got my official email acceptance, and everyone here is asleep, so I'm silent screaming from excitement!!
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