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  1. Accepted an offer from UC Riverside yesterday, fully funded plus an additional 2k added to my first year stipend as I had another very competitive offer. I was accepted off the waitlist at the very end of March. For those of you who are looking for very good funding and applying again next year I would look into the program at University of Missouri Columbia. Their program is fully funded and has a very decent 16k + salary (living in Columbia is dirt cheap) and provides a lot of teaching experience. Especially good for photography.
  2. When they are asking you to commit by?
  3. I had an unannounced phone interview approximately mid-February last year if I remember correctly. I would notify the schools.
  4. Yes, and April 15th sounds about right, they told me I would hear back by mid April at the latest.
  5. Thanks!! Yeah I just drove by to take a look a few days ago, so wild. I visited back in 2017 and was initially disappointed by their facilities, but damn they are going to be nice.
  6. Waitlisted at UCLA, had to call and talk to admissions to find out, it seems they don’t send out waitlist notifications.
  7. Sent as an email? Looks like they are still going one department at a time, I’ve yet to receive anything.
  8. To everyone asking about UCLA, I spoke with someone from admissions this morning, all offers and rejections for all concentrations will be sent out sometime later this week.
  9. Hey all, did anyone here actually get accepted or interviews with UC Irvine (studio art not curatorial studies)? sent pm's to everyone I can remember who mentioned applying, just trying to see if I missed anyone. It was my #1 so I'm just trying to get as much info as possible for applying next year. thanks!!
  10. Does anyone have any advice or past experience with reaching out to faculty for advice or feedback for applying again in the future? Is that a thing?
  11. Unfortunately I got the same thing. I logged back in several hours later and the status had finally updated. Is this your first year applying there?
  12. I just received an email from UCI saying the status of my application has been updated, logged in and it still lists the status as "submitted." I am on the edge of my seat right now.
  13. Photography. The connection was so terrible I couldn't tell what he said his name was, and was so nervous I forgot to ask. May have been an advisor, not sure.
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