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    Fair enough. Congrats either way! Did you receive an email from them?
  2. donuts

    2019 Results

    Any mention of funding?
  3. Hey all, I'm really not sure how to gauge my competitiveness so I've just signed up. I've applied for several programs, but really only care about one, so I'm just gauging what others think about my chances there. Program Applied To: Georgetown SSP Undergraduate institution: State school: nothing special to speak of, but not terrible either. Undergraduate GPA: 3.6 institutional; 3.2 with transfer courses from several years prior (not really sure how they will look at this) Undergraduate Majors: Political Science, Economics, minor in Russian Study Abroad: Summer program abroad at LSE, another term abroad in UK at another university, full year abroad at LSE, summer term abroad at US embassy internship, summer abroad studying Russian. Total of 3 summers abroad, one regular term, and one full academic year. GRE: 159 V, 148 Q, 5.0W Years of Work Experience: 4 Describe Relevant Work Experience: 4 years military service; nothing relative to security or international relations/politics etc. Internship experience at US Embassy abroad; learned a lot of useful skills/knowledge. Languages: Intermediate Russian, will be around advanced level when graduating this year. Quant: I'll be getting a degree in economics, though most courses were not quant heavy - lots of econ history and theory (tied in with politics). I do have a background in science (minor in Bio), so I am not sure if that will be sufficient to make up for my GRE quant score. Strength of SOP: Looking back, I think it is well written, but I am not quite sure whether I hit the mark for this program application. I did my best to discuss my personal skills/traits and academic/professional interests, as well as what I believe I can do for the university and vice versa. Strength of LOR (be honest, describe the process, etc): Should be solid LORs. I cannot guarantee this as I have not personally seen them, but I have no reason to suspect otherwise. One is from a boss from my recent internship abroad, another from an academic adviser/professor I have known for a few years now (and worked with consistently discussing my academic and professional pathway). The third is from another professor; this is the only one I am uncertain of, as I do not know them extremely well. However, their recommendation should carry some weight as they are from LSE; they seemed happy to provide one. Other: Nothing else really stands out. I have a good number of scholarships that I have received, however I did not think to list these on my resume so that will go unseen unfortunately. My biggest fears are too low of scores on the GRE and my personal statement. I'm hoping my international experience may help me stand out, otherwise I feel I am just another needle in the haystack.

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