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  1. My sister did the gerontology MSW fellowship at Pitt and loved it. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Rad! Do you know what next steps are following this or no?
  3. Has anyone tried to negotiate their financial aid package with BC?
  4. Got in as well with a 32k scholarship! Turned them down though - still so ridiculously expensive
  5. Thanks! And nope traditional - clinical
  6. Just kidding! Got my acceptance on Agora!! Soooo excited
  7. Where exactly did you see you had a sign in for agora?
  8. Congrats!! When did you submit your application ? Any information on financial aid (only if you’re comfortable expressing)?
  9. Thank you for the update! Haven't heard anything yet - were they applying to the Advanced Standing or 2-Year Program?
  10. Nice! Are you advanced standing or 2-year track? Crossing my fingers that I hear something today.
  11. Does anyone know how to do the Agora trick to check on admissions? Can’t seem to figure it out.
  12. Does anyone know the deadline we have to send a deposit by for those who applied and were accepted by the priority deadline? For some reason I'm having trouble finding that information.
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