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  1. I am on Northwestern history PhD's waitlist. It is my top choice, and I have expressed my commitment to them early this month. So anxious!
  2. Thank you and best wishes to your future studies!
  3. Thank you again for your reply! I sincerely hope to hear some good news from Northwestern soon.
  4. Thank you very much again for your kind information! My POI contacted me and said that I was considered as a Chinese history candidate. Is anyone considering turning down Northwestern in Chinese history? Northwestern is my top choice so that I really want to be off the waitlist. Sorry for my multiple bothering replies.
  5. Thank you so much for your information!! and congratulations to your admissions. Actually, I mentioned both modern Chinese and Japanese history in my Statement of Purpose. I hope I can hear some good news soon!
  6. I am waitlisted by Northwestern on February 1. The DGS e-mailed me that there was no enough funding for me. Northwestern is actually my first choice. How much chance do I have to get an offer? So anxious.
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