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  1. Thanks! I guess I'll take that as a likely rejection from Rice then.
  2. Edit: well, I am a little confused, but I think my visit might be personal because I never received any formal emails. So I may just be going alone.
  3. The geological sciences department. I'm not at Cornell, but a friend/classmate is applying there this year and had the same situation as you. Apologies if my English made it seem like I am there.
  4. UT Austin is doing grad visits early March. I haven't heard from Rice yet!
  5. Well, I'm not so sure. I know of some grad students at my undergrad department (comparative to Stanford) who were accepted without visits, but I don't know about Stanford specifically.
  6. One of the schools I interviewed at told me they're interviewing other people applying for the same professor as well, and since they told me that my anxiety spiked up edit: I just realized this is in psychology lmao. Still figuring this site out, please disregard
  7. It is individualized, which I hear is a new thing they're doing this year. I recommend you come anyway and see what the department is like.
  8. Stanford is doing interviews (potential grad visit) right now. I was there last Friday. I think there are still more people coming in for interviews so they won't make decisions until after the interviewing process is over.
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