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  1. If someone makes a FB group for Munk MPP 2021 let us know!
  2. How much does NPSIA’s program cost? Having trouble finding the details
  3. You’re only rejected if you recieve a rejection letter. Every year students get admitted off the waitlist to these programs as late as August.
  4. Question about NPSIA RA/TA info: my acceptance letter said that I can find information about my funding package including “scholarship, TA, RA” on Carleton central in the funding section. But I only saw my scholarship amount listed in that section (not TA/RA stuff too). If it didnt say it on Carleton Central website, does that mean I only got a scholarship and not TA/RA stuff? Or do they not list that on the website?
  5. Before sending out the first round of acceptances I’m sure they’ve reviewed all of the applications. Regardless of the order.
  6. Maybe the admissions committee is behind because there has been so many snow days in Ontario this year.
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