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  1. I haven't heard anything either. Don't really know what that means, though.
  2. Email Dr. Chambers. She's cool but scatterbrained. The professors/admission committee I talked to said they let everyone know either way. Your application might be an oversight. I'd definitely reach out though
  3. UCI had their unofficial grad mixer tonight. Tomorrow is their official prospectives' day. Got my unofficial acceptance on January 25. Official offer came on 2/5 Subfield: American/theory.
  4. well, that answers that -_(o.o)_- Didn't really expect an acceptance from them. My portal just says "submitted."
  5. I applied to Chicago - haven't heard anything
  6. Univ of California - Irvine & Riverside. That fellowship sounds awesome. How did you come across it?
  7. UCI - Accepted UCR - Accepted Rutgers, UIC, and UNC - pending UMich, Cornell, UW (Seattle), UVA and UC Berkeley - Rejected (with my GRE quantitative I am not surprised). I'm curious what have you all been doing before applying. What's your background/work history like? I have a BA in Phil, MA in Comm and a work history of mostly unrelated nonsense to pay the bills.
  8. Any PhD students at Irvine / recently accepted? Do you think living on or near campus is integral to your success? I have two very large German Shepherds which are non-negotiable aspects of my life. It's not really a big problem as I'm a So Cal native and live roughly 40 miles away. Just wondering if I'll be missing out on important aspects if I accept UCI's offer.
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