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  1. Congrats! I got rejected from UW, so I don't have to make the decision but CMU is my first choice (based on my reasoning above) so I would've gone with CMU even if I did get accepted to UW. I heard that UW's program was created from CMU alumni (should fact check this 😝). but honestly, I think both are amazing programs so don't worry! You're going to get a lot out of both programs so definitely pick the one that best suits your needs.
  2. Got accepted as well! I can't follow their instructions to accept/decline. Anyone else having this issue? Also, when/how are we supposed to find out if we received any scholarship/funding? Best of luck to everyone who's still waiting!
  3. I got my UMich acceptance yesterday as well (03/13). Did you apply before Jan 15th?
  4. 1. Definitely. 2. I agree, but since it is one year program I think it's worth the sacrifice? But I definitely prefer Seattle, wouldn't mind living there. 3. It seems that the CMU alumni network is much larger, and a fair amount end up in the bay area or Seattle anyway. UW has the advantage of already being there so a higher % end up in Seattle if that's where you want to be. I would argue that CMU actually has better tech connections. From what I can tell the UW and CMU capstone project are quite similar right? For me, so far it seems CMU is better than UW in every aspect
  5. Yeah I felt that UW is pretty similar to CMU. Almost feels like they're the second version. Why do you say that UW is more theory-heavy? I feel that I've heard the opposite. It seems both UW and CMU have good job placement...doesn't seem to be an issue for either. UW had 90% placement after 6 months. Though I did notice UW was majority in Seattle (90% in CA) vs CMU was much more spread out.
  6. Hey guys! I just got accepted into CMU's MHCI program and am so happy. I'm just waiting on University of Washington MHCI+D's decision. If I get rejected from UW, I'm going to CMU. However, if I get accepted to UW, I'll have to make a decision. I might be jumping the gun here, but I want to get some outside thoughts and give myself enough time to think. I'm leaning towards CMU because it seems to be slightly better overall. Is there any reason that someone should take UW over CMU? UW is a fair bit cheaper, and it's located in Seattle where it will be easier to transition into a job af
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