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  1. hey! I was accepted this year off the waitlist. They waitlisted me in February and I got in in May. the experience was excrutiating lol the wait was awful but it worked out in the end. they didn’t say anything or provide any feedback, only sent me my notice of waitlisting and then a notice of acceptance. I applied to the MT I/S division
  2. Hey guys! I was wondering if any Group B applicants to OISE's GA positions have heard anything back yet? I know they said end of august or first week of september, but the waiting has me so stressed out.
  3. they say you find out 6 weeks from your application if you submit after November! If you haven’t heard back I would call them and ask what’s up.
  4. Hi guys :) update! i got off the waitlist today!!!!! i’m literally delirious. Good luck to all of you ❤️ @CJ3 we out here!
  5. i think it says on your acceptance letter! people on here who were accepted into the MT said they had three weeks from the issued date of the acceptance. also congrats on getting into the MEd! that’s a really big deal and you can get into some really incredible positions in education w one of those!! don’t discredit its value and the awesomeness of getting in!! also i’m waitlisted too for I/S welcome to the club
  6. Ahh! welcome to the waiting club that’s so cool that we both have the same teachables! i hope we both get off the waitlist and maybe see each other this fall sorry i don’t have any info about toronto living (i’m a commuter myself) but I hope someone else here is of help to you! The whole program is cohort based, so you are bound to make some really close friends regardless. Best of luck!!
  7. Hmm yea i’ve heard about this:( worries me a little. I applied I/S social sciences, i can imagine it probably filled up like english and history did. def doing the math AQ if i get in haha
  8. yea this is the exact same thing they sent me when i asked in feb. just a copy paste FAQ i guess
  9. Hi Jackson8918! Thanks for the info and also congrats on your upcoming graduation!! I was wondering if you knew anyone in your cohort that got in on the waitlist (i’m not sure what stream you are but also if anyone else on the other streams did?). just for some hope to the three of us waiting on here!!
  10. Glad I could help out guys hopefully we will hear some good news this summer! I think the people from last year's waitlist on that thread got waitlisted really late -- like in july / end of june -- I think its a good sign we heard pretty early!!
  11. Lol thats okay! I'm learning too and thats awesome, I hope you get in soon. Just when i emailed the MT people! I got waitlisted way back in february around the time of the first round of applications so I've been obsessively trying to figure out what it means lol. I emailed them and she said that its not uncommon for people on the waitlist to receive offers, though of course, its not guaranteed. I also got to meet a couple of current OISE MT students through my placement at a high school, and they said that people were joining even by like mid-july to august via the waitlist. I cant h
  12. Hi!! do you mean which stream? bc I applied to the I/S for social science and history wbu?
  13. Ahhhhh! YES!! congrats I am so happy for you!!! Hopefully I'll see you in september haha! Best of luck with it Hey i am waitlisted too! I've heard that a lot of people who do get waitlisted end up in the program. so dont lose hope! usually they get back to us by june lol
  14. ahh that’s so exciting! keep us posted good luck
  15. wish i had applied somewhere aside from oise ☹️ everyone else seems to have their shit together but oise
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