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  1. JUST heard back from CSUN - Denied. Goodluck to everyone else!
  2. Wow... the wait feels endless. haha fingers crossed over here. I have one waitlist and now it seems all my eggs are in the CSUN basket!
  3. Anxiously awaiting. 3.0 gpa 3.97 CSD GPA 148, 141, 4.0 AW
  4. I still haven't heard from LB ... only got that "dept review" email. and no CSUF update besides the generic interview email. but no invite to the actual interview... was hoping CSUN says something....soon soon!
  5. @Rezzy S. I saw some late march acceptances.. I don't want to overthink it! Best of luck & wishing you many acceptances
  6. Waitlisted at Columbia, but hopeful for other schools too!
  7. @Rezzy S. I'd like to stay positive and think we have a chance. I used to work for admissions at a UC. They have to update an entry manually on a student information system / file and in paperwork before decisions are uploaded and "live" and I assume generating these emails also takes planning and time! plus waitlists are always a thing.. but who knows could be different at cal state? Thanks for the tag with the LA/OC schools topic!!! My professor who is also affiliated w Redlands did not mention anything about acceptances... she just wished me luck and mentioned "soon" I thi
  8. I'm with everyone on this long beach email... and w fullerton... wow I hope theres more coming.
  9. Hi all, 8 programs. 2 private, 2 out of state, 4 cal states. CSULA denied me... I emailed asking for feedback. They let me know due to being in a post bacc with 3 units per class... I would graduate after 2 years because I did not have all their pre-reqs they needed. They did want this cohort graduating in at most 2 years... but they did mention my GPA was high and that another school should take me.. lets hope theyre right. Also students Ive talked to at CSHA have also been denied and mentioned that theyre partial to accepting their own students.. not sure if that is true.
  10. @Aspire_to_Be I'm right there with you on this... let us know what you intend to do! Also hiiiiiii from East LA, CA!
  11. Hello beautiful people! I've been put on the waitlist! I'm sitting in the midst of two emotions. Both excited at the opportunity of a lifetime---and also a bit disappointed that they didn't want to grab me right away. lol kidding... no but really putting your heart and soul into the application process is draining. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS WAITIN PART THO! Not going to lie...I've been rather hopeful about this school... but my decision is also based entirely on funding (first gen, lowest of low income --for now hah) For everyone accepted Congratulations!!!!!!
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