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  1. A facebook group has been created! Search "CSUN Cohort 21" and it should come up
  2. I felt so nervous in mine and I also hate hearing my own voice so that wasn't encouraging 😂 Hopefully they aren't too harsh about the nerves!
  3. I got the email too! The suspense is killing me
  4. I also applied here for grad this year and am waiting. While I can't say what the climate of the grad program is like there from personal experience, I did my undergrad there so I have heard very mixed things from friends who went through the program. I've heard the instructors make your life a living hell and are not the most supportive 😅 In undergrad, the environment was EXTREMELY competitive and it was definitely fueled by the professors. The first day of orientation they looked at everyone and told us odds are we won't get into grad school.
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