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  1. ButtS

    2019 MPH CANADA

    No email, status on Quest was 'admit' and the offer letter was uploaded there as well.
  2. ButtS

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Accepted to Waterloo! They gave 2 weeks to make a decision.
  3. ButtS

    2019 MPH CANADA

    "The MPH Selection Committee has completed its review of applicants. Your application was considered to be strong, but due to the large number of applicants this year, we are not yet able to offer you a position in the program. You will be placed on a waitlist and you will hear whether or not we can make an offer sometime before the end of July 2019." Oh okay, thank you!
  4. ButtS

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Hi there, I was also waitlisted at McMaster, can anyone who was accepted share the deadline they received to accept their offer? I applied to UofT and Waterloo as well but my portals still say under review/no decision made yet and I haven't got any email yet either so I'm assuming those might be rejections?

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