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  1. Which department are you going into? Have you applied for housing?
  2. Which department are you going into? Have you applied for housing?
  3. That's great! I am a little worried about the COVID-19 situation though
  4. Hello everyone. I noticed the meet and greet threads for MSU are pretty old, so I thought I'll start one here. I am attending Michigan State University this Fall. Anyone else joining? Feel free to mention anyone else you might know too! Stay safe!
  5. I have been living in South Korea, so I am not exactly oblivious to cold. I saw this documentary on YouTube and the only thing the narrator repeats is the cold at MSU. BU has already sent out a few offers according to the results page. You think we have been screened out or waitlisted? I mailed them last week. They replied in one line, saying my application is under review.
  6. From an international student perspective, Boston might be too expensive though. If your wife is running businesses in the area, you are a lucky man! On a different note, Michigan State has extended me an offer. But it's so cold in Esst Lansing half the year, I am a bit skeptical honestly
  7. That sounds like an accurate description. The hype is just that, hype. Have you heard back from BostonU? They said my application is still under review after I mailed them. Considering how flooded the results page is, I was worried! Also, UDel was rather swift with their rejection
  8. So I am gonna start! Let me know what you think, and if you think my list of Unis may need some balancing! Undergrad Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): Public University (Top 10) in Bangladesh, science and technology university Master's Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): Public University in South Korea (not very well known) Undergrad Major(s): Chemistry GPA in Major: 3.18/4.00 Overall GPA: 3.16/4.00 Graduate Major(s): Materials Science and Engineering (still getting MS, finishing before Fall 2020) Overall GPA: 4.00/4.00 (actually the scale i
  9. Hello everyone! Since most of us are almost towards the end of applications, I thought it'll be a good time to start this thread. As a continuation of @IceCream & MatSci's post last year, I thought this could be helpful. So those of you who are applying for Materials Science and Engineering programs for Fall 2020, this is your place to share and talk to fellow aspirants! (It won't be wrong to call this a 'support group' now, would it?) Feel free to post your credentials, and results using the following format! Undergrad Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): Major
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