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  1. I received the same thing
  2. hey two of my friends heard back last week from global health. hopefully you do as well! good luck!
  3. hey, i am waitlisted as well. how did you find out that they have an overrepresentation of BSc students? I am BSc double major in med sci and psych. damn this really makes me very anxious.
  4. damn 47 already accepted? my friend in the program said two people who are close friends of his in the class were accepted in September. another friend told me for many people money can be an issue and they end up not committing. i only applied to this program which is clearly not a good idea. as for stats, I am a BSC double major, last two years 3.9 somethings GPA, 3 years of research experience in a hospital, 6 years of extensive community work from building houses to fundraising over 40k with magazine publications. tbh if i got waitlisted i dont think any of this really mattered to them or that i stood out. sigh. at this point things are out of my control so i am trying to stay calm and plan my next moves. good luck to you and everyone
  5. also for practicums out of 60 only 4 or so are paid. sigh.
  6. two of my close friends did this program. one, who graduated a year ago is now doing a phd offered through this program and has a great supervisor. the other one who is now in the program LOVES it and says every aspiring physician should take it as brings a holistic approach to medicine (but i guess that applies to all mph) and is also doing practicum abroad and is potentially part of an international research article that will be published. another aspect it that it is just one year. both are in so much debt tho lol. however, all profs personally ask to be your references because they know you so well. if you get a shitty group tho then your life sucks is what they said.
  7. i have been waiting as well and no one has emailed or called
  8. are you an out of province or international student?
  9. I have been checking every single day since friday and it says the same thing as you. My friend who is in the program asked the coordinator and she said they release it n apr 1st and he told me he got his acceptance last year mar 28. Hope you get in. GOOD LUCK
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