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  1. Hi, yes that is the exact email I got! I’m also curious how many other students are “go to”?
  2. Congratulations! I hear that’s a great program
  3. Have you heard any news? I got an email last week saying their cohort was full, but I’m still on the waitlist for spring and summer in case someone drops. I’m wondering how likely that is??
  4. I don’t think a Facebook group has been made, but I thought I heard an advisor say that they make a group once the cohort is complete! But I’m sure you could make one too to get a head start
  5. Is anyone declining their spot at the University of Washington?
  6. I know this reply is sort of late, but I sent a follow up email to my dream school and I just reiterated how much I wanted to attend the school, why I think I would be a good fit, and why the school is a good fit for me. I also mentioned a few updates on things I’ve accomplished since applying. The admissions committee seemed really receptive and said that knowing I was still interested is helpful in terms of managing the waitlist. Overall, I don’t think it could only help to follow up, schools love knowing you’re still excited about their program! Best of luck
  7. Oh wow that’s scary and exciting at the same time haha hopefully it’s good news!
  8. I would like to know as well! I’m also waitlisted and hoping to hear something soon🤞🏼
  9. No problem, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one having a tough time deciding haha. How was your visit to UO? I think based on the little research I've done, the programs themselves seem very similar! It's mainly about tuition and location for me as well. I also know that WSU and UO offer externships the last semester/last two quarters that can be done outside of Spokane/Eugene so even if the town isn't the best, you're really only there for less than 2 years! At this point I think I am going to commit to WSU because it's more affordable for me, and I think I can be happy in Spokane! Both Eugene and Spokane will be a new place to me as well, so I don't know if I want to pay more for the same degree just for a difference in location.
  10. I am in the exact same position. I’m also from Washington which makes UO much more expensive than WSU. I’ve visited both campuses, and UO feels more like a college campus and a college town (and has a very similar feel to my undergraduate experience) whereas WSU is a smaller campus and feels more professional and is in a bigger city. I also really loved the faculty at WSU! I am leaning more towards WSU mainly for the price difference, but I think I would be happy in either school! What are your pros and cons?
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