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  1. Hi... congratulations on your admit! Could you tell me by when do you have to respond to the offer? I was waitlisted on 13th March and have been waiting ever since! I do have an admit from Northwestern MSiA but have my heart set on NYU DS
  2. Hi Guys, I have the following admits, 1. MS Computational Data Analytics at Georgia Tech 2. MS in Analytics at Northwestern University 3. MS Computer Science (concentration in data science) at University of Massachusetts Amherst I have been waitlisted for NYU MSDS and still waiting to hear from Columbia MSDS. A little bit about my background, I already have a bachelors and masters degree in core statistics. My aim is to work in machine learning or data scientist positions. My confusion is given my background, what would be a better choice MS in CS or MS Analy
  3. People who received an admit or interview invite. First of all congratulations! One small question, when exactly did you guys submit your application? Also for the admits, by when do you have to respond to the offer? I have not heard anything from Columbia so any info from you guys is my only hope :(
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