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  1. Dating. For the vast majority of my undergrad life, I was focused solely on trying to get into a PhD program in Chemistry. Now that I have achieved that goal, I would like to begin the next stage of my life, which would encompass earning the PhD and finding a long-term (if not life-long) SO. How difficult is it to manage a dating/romantic life while pursuing a full time PhD?
  2. First generation (and currently only) graduate student in my family as well as being the first of my family to get into college. Older family members as well as the previous generations simply had no interest about pursuing education past high school level, at least that I was aware of. Recently accepted a PhD position and am eagerly awaiting the fall to begin the arduous journey.
  3. I was recently lucky enough to be accepted into a PhD program. All my courses for this undergraduate year were electives and have no baring on things that I would need to know for future graduate work. Is there any reason to continue trying to get A's in these courses or is it safe to relax a bit and study for prelims this fall? My advisor said he and many people he knew just stopped caring about the classes. His reasoning was that their undergrad GPA ultimately didn't matter once they got into a graduate program. Was curious is this was the case or if he was exaggerating.
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