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  1. Declined : St. Xavier, Midwestern (Downers Grove), Concordia University Wisconsin.
  2. Hi everyone! Here is a facebook page for anyone that has been accepted into UWW! There aren't many of us in there yet but feel free to join to meet some people! https://www.facebook.com/groups/801277440256666/
  3. I just was accepted via email this morning and I will be attending!
  4. Not at all ask away! I’ll tell you everything I know so far.
  5. Hi yes so there is an email you have to send to your people who wrote them and they send the letters to the email saying who they are and who you are and the letter. Also what program it is for. Here is the email : graduate.admission@cuw.edu
  6. It is a private school so no I don't think so. Most private schools do not do out of state tuition.
  7. Check the website! But if I remember correctly it is around 48,600
  8. I went there for undergrad. The professors are unorganized, I only heard things about the graduate program from students in it while I was an undergrad. It seems they care more about the graduate program than the undergrads. But that is just my experience. Overall it is a highly rated program that is pretty well known. You work with two different populations in their clinic and have an outside internship. You first work with kids then in your second year you are set up to work with older adults, mostly with traumatic brain injuries. From what I know the workload is pretty standard, the classes are M-F with clinic hours factored in. The faculty is fine, but like I said can be unorganized, at least some professors. If you have more questions about the school, I'd be happy to answer them for you!
  9. APPLY They for sure will probably accept you because no one really knows about it.
  10. Hi! I got accepted back in March and I'm going to be attending!
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