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  1. how much was the convenience fee?
  2. when I convert my GPA to the 4.0 scale, it comes out to 3.37 CGPA, semester before applying was 3.8 and A- in my research methods course
  3. Just a background, I applied right out of university where I studied business (BComm). I have a 3.650/4.33 CGPA, with work experience as a tutor, peer academic coach, government and volunteer experiences at homeless shelters and over 6 student groups related to diversity, empowerment, minority groups. I started my own student chapter of a student focused on pan-asian leadership. I also have 4 different awards/scholarships and worked on my personal statement for months. Good luck to everyone else, this process is scary and anxiety filled, take care of yourselves.
  4. I just made an acorn account lol and it's there, SGS is not updated yet
  5. THIS IS UNREAL I GOT IN TO UOFT OH MY GOD, I'M SO EXCITED. Do we have to accept our offer, what is the conditional offer?
  6. Decisions for the 1 year HBSW at Lakehead are going to be delayed just emailed Madge Chen, not sure to when exactly. "Unfortunately there will be a delay in sending our offers of admission to the one-year HBSW program as our staff are busy with dealing with field placements with our current students. Also decisions still need to be made about the delivery of the one-year program as situations with the COVID-19 are changing by the day. As soon as we know more we will be updating everyone. Please continue to monitor your Lakehead University email account and myInfo for up-to-date informa
  7. Hello, so some schools are allowing students to make their courses pass/fail so there won't be a grade and courses show up as a CRD (credit). does anyone know if social work programs care about how many courses students are making a CRD? in the end it won't affect your GPA but do schools care that there isn't a grade? Thanks everyone!
  8. Anyone else not hear anything from Western yet?
  9. Does anyone know when UofT and Western gave out decisions for their 2 year MSW programs in the past?
  10. If anyone has any experience at Lakehead's HBSW program, please message me! I'm looking to apply this year and would love your insight
  11. Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has gotten into an MSW program with a Bachelor of Commerce before? I'm finishing up my final year and am applying to the 2 year MSW program across Ontario (York, UofT, Western, Windsor, Laurier, Carleton), Calgary and Yorkville (MA in counselling)! I have a lot of different experience in the social work field but come from a business background, hoping to go to Clinical SW. I'll take all the help I can get with my application! I've listed some of my experiences below! Good luck everyone I started my own student group at Ryerson University abo
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