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  1. Any of you that were accepted chose the International Peace Studies concentration? Just to know if I can be hopeful or not.
  2. That's amazing! Congrats! 🌻 Hope NYU posts soon your decision, you really deserve it asap.
  3. Did you get in? I am happy that you had your first decision released, congrats! I got my NYU's decision this morning!!!
  4. I emailed them yesterday and today they said that they are short staffed but trying to release all early action decisions by the end of next week. Hope it makes you feel less anxious ❤️
  5. Can't believe my TC decision came out before NYU's! I think your theory is accurate and I am AGAIN sending an e-mail as well. I have a feeling that regular decision and early action will come out at the same time.
  6. My thoughts exactly but nothing in our emails didn't know about the PhD's decisions. Hopefully then we will hear from them this week. Honestly, when they apologized and sent me "shortly", I had the same idea that Friday or today we would receive something. Feel hugged by me as well! 💛 If we had more applicants here I would suggest creating a WhatsApp group - support, freaking out comfort space, etc..
  7. Same here, except for me getting more anxious (?) (Is it even possible? Haha)
  8. @Q&A0314 I emailed them on Tuesday and they replied today saying that decisions should come out shortly. They also apologized for it be taking longer than everyone expected. Fingers crossed for both of us! :)
  9. I am going through the same. Have to accept or decline until February but still some schools told me I will only hear from them by March. Don't know what to do 🙃
  10. Feeling the same. There is not a day I am not checking the results page.
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