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  1. Received my offer today, they’re providing $37,450 per year (letter said yearly tuition and fees are $57,522). My stats: • Undergrad at a big state school, majors were Anthropology, History, Ethnic Studies • Cumulative GPA 3.93 • GRE 166 V 161 Q 4.5 AWA • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (East Africa) • Additional year working abroad at a nonprofit in the same country as my Peace Corps service Hope you all hear back soon, good luck to everyone!
  2. My acceptance email from them says “In the coming days, you will receive an official letter of acceptance from the University of Notre Dame Graduate School with detailed information about the cost of tuition, the cost of living, and your financial aid package. Contingent on remaining in good standing in the program, this financial aid package will continue through your second year.” It’s been almost two weeks and I still don’t have that official letter, and my admission status on the portal hasn’t been updated. I’m guessing the delay is probably due to Coronavirus?
  3. Thanks! I applied Global Affairs + specialization. My email does say that an official letter of acceptance will follow, as this one doesn’t provide information about financial aid. So I would imagine they’re notifying on kind of a rolling basis, and they’ll send out the official ones after they finish. I also got that super fun rejection from Yale’s Global Affairs program. But don’t give up hope, that’s not an indication of whether you’ll get accepted to ND’s MGA!
  4. I got my email about an hour ago, and I’m in!! It says I’ll get financial aid info later this week, so I’m still stuck refreshing my email constantly for a few more days!
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