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  1. I would recommend ruling out WWS. Leaning on HKS-MPP as well, don't see your profile generally a good fit for the course. Do look at other courses at HKS. Is it possible to get a reco from a prof at the Liberal arts college you went to?
  2. I think the schools chosen by you are right for the score. I think your SoP is in the right direction. To answer your questions: 1. I went to a public admin program after 5 years of exp and considered the same question. Found only Harvard and Duke ( to some extent) having a good 1 year program. Unless finances are an issue, I would advise going for the full course. SIPA has something called advanced standing where you can get a semester waived. 2. This one is tricky, I am assuming you worked with her in some capacity and she basis on the impressions of that. Institutes do often ask for ways to verify that the person writing LoR is bonafide or not. It is always advisable to share the official email IDs for that reason. in your case I would recommend looking for an alternate option. In case that doesn't work, she must mention that she is no longer in the organization ( basically give necessary disclaimers).
  3. I won't fuss a lot over it. I went to SIPA and one thing i can tell you is that a lot of schools value private experience and any skillset that you can bring from that experience into the class/ after you graduate. Your scores are good and profile seems competitive. Good Luck!
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