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  1. I never saw one. This forum is not particularly active.
  2. Is Caltech done sending out interview invites or are they doing particular subdivisions at a time or what?
  3. According to UCLA's graduate admissions FAQ, all applicants receive a university id number (UID) within 72 hours of submitting an application. I do not think it is indicative of an acceptance.
  4. i haven't gotten any acceptances yet :-(
  5. If you are an under-represented minority, the ACS Bridge Program could be a good option in your case. It may strengthen your application. https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/students/graduate/bridge-project/about-bridge-program.html
  6. I did not do an REU because I'd prefer to spend my last summer during undergrad in my current lab (at my home institution) since this would most likely lead to another publication. If I have a good amount of LORs from my current PI and course instructors, would not doing an REU hurt my chances of grad school admission?
  7. I heard the UC schools exclusively look at the last two years to calculate GPA. Is this true? Do any other schools do this or place more weight on the later years of undergrad?
  8. I do undergraduate research for credits every semester. Do grad schools consider these grades to be part of my major GPA? Some,not all, of these credits are for my senior research thesis as well.
  9. I'm a junior pursuing a B.S. in chemistry and I think I will graduate with roughly a 3.7 GPA (maybe 3.6 minimum) if things go well. I think I might graduate with a 3.5-3.6 major GPA. I'm currently and will take a few chemistry graduate courses as well. I have some publications in reputable journals for different projects I've worked on with a faculty member and graduate student and by the time I graduate will have done research there for 2 years and including two summers full time (or one summer and an REU with a different faculty in the same field). My PI is well-known and respected in h
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