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  1. Thank you for your reply. Do you have any names in your mind for such schools?
  2. I am an international female student from Palestine. I am interested in pursuing biostatistics PhD for Fall 2020 in USA. I have a high GPA and I'm the top of my class in both bachelor and master studies, but my research/work experience is not very impressive. I am confident that my LORs are very strong. I would really appreciate your thoughts about my chances in acceptance to graduate schools in the US this coming year. Undergrad Institution: TOP 5 Local University Major: Math GPA: 97% Grad Institution: TOP 2 University in Jordan Degree: MS in Math, (Thesis in statistics, using Monte Carlo simulations in SAS), with Scholarship from DAAD GPA: 4.26 (out of 4.3) Student: International, female Courses: BS/ Calculus (I, II, III), Principles of Mathematics, Linear Algebra (I, II), Principles of Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Ordinary Differential Equations (I, II), Numerical Analysis, Abstract Algebra (I, II), Vector Analysis, Probability, Special Functions, Real Analysis (I, II), Mathematical Statistics, Functional Analysis, Number Theory, Topology, Complex Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Selected Topics in Mathematics (Fuzzy Set Theory). [ALL Straight A+] MS/ Advanced Methods of Applied Math, Abstract Algebra, Real Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Probability Theory, Linear Programming, Special Topics in Math (Fractional Calculus). [ALL Straight A+, too] GRE: 167 Q, 156 V, 3.0 AW TOEFL: test date Dec 7 Research/Work Experience: Two research projects with my adviser, but the papers are still to be published soon. I've just started my first job as a lecturer. I am teaching three undergraduate math courses at a local university (Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis + Matlab Application, Complex Analysis). Applying to: University of Florida Boston University Emory University University of Pittsburgh University of Kentucky Virginia Commonwealth University University of Illinois at Chicago Do you have any suggestions for better school matches ? Thank you in advance!
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