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  1. What do you mean by "the NYC life?" Of course it's located in NYC, just wondering if if that was meant to connote something that deterred you. Thanks!
  2. Probably slight advantage to SIPA for location and relationship with places like Eurasia group.
  3. Welp, no update to my letter/portal since my acceptance in Dec...
  4. Lol my early notification letter said that. Still haven't gotten anything.
  5. Did anyone who got in early notification receive an update re funding?
  6. I wouldn't necessarily have this change your thinking. Schools have sent stuff like this in the past. Just a big hedge.
  7. Same, congrats! Any word on funding in your notification? Mine just said official notice is forthcoming, so assuming it would be in there.
  8. Sounds like it amounts to business as usual.
  9. I'd be shocked if they release after Friday...
  10. Every time! There are also cascading blue crowns when it's opened.
  11. Not sure if it helps or hurts, but I just re-opened my letter to see if there were any updates and it reminded me that it plays New York, New York, by Frank Sinatra when it opens. I remember when I opened it originally and the music played before I was able to read anything 😱
  12. Do they usually release MPA/MIA the day after MPA-EPM?
  13. Well, here we are again..
  14. Lol I got an email saying my decision was ready and to check the portal, but I wasn't checking the portal at the time and suspect it may have been up for a bit before I got the email (that's been my experience elsewhere from similarly furiously updating portals during business hours). Wasn't expecting it at night and had just poured myself a whiskey and was firing up Star Wars. You know, that whole thing about a watched pot..
  15. Yup, very possible they disappear once they send out all decisions, though. May just be how they treat the portal for the early notification round.
  16. Totally feel you there. It was on 12/18 (a Weds.) at 7:45p EST. Still waiting to hear on aid, so I can share in the nerves (albeit probably to a lesser degree).
  17. I was accepted in the early round and my checklist is still present, FWIW (though it may disappear once the remainder of notifications are sent).
  18. Not sure it means anything, but I did get my early notification decision at 7:45p back in Dec...
  19. Same! Surprisingly generous offer, too...
  20. I got an email this AM saying that we should be hearing very soon on funding detail (I got in on the early notification round), which should coincide with the rest of the decisions. I take that as meaning this afternoon.
  21. Are you both referring to the SFS security studies program or the MSFS program?
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