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  1. Did you check off on the app that you were open to both sais dc and sais Europe?
  2. I got an email the day I sent my app in saying that my app was complete and was being reviewed and that they’d reach out if anything else was needed. I’d check to see what your app status page says.
  3. Based on a few different schools in that general tier, maybe something in the ranges of 160-165 for verbal and 157-162 for quant.
  4. I didn’t because I got the sense when I visited that they genuinely didn’t care. I think if you got a really good score it’s probably worth sending, but otherwise I think it’s not very important.
  5. Not sure for that program specifically, but I have heard that SIPA isn't always great with funding (but anecdotally, I'll admit). May as well try to negotiate, worst possible outcome is status quo.
  6. I marked that I'd be open to either DC or Bologna. Did you specify which campus you wanted from the outset, or did you also select that you were open to both?
  7. Check, but MIA 2020
  8. Did anyone who applied to SAIS get an email from them asking if you preferred to start in DC or Bologna?
  9. @AaBbAa Nice, have you heard anything as far as notification date?
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