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  1. Still haven't been bumped from a Mandarin alternate to finalist. Anyone else?
  2. Same here. Haven't heard anything about being promoted to a finalist.
  3. Damn, alternate for Mandarin. Better than a rejection I suppose, but it still means I can't solidify my summer plans.
  4. Nothing yet for Mandarin. I imagine they're slowly going through the list.
  5. This is good to know. If I get it, I will definitely accept and find a way to supplement my income.
  6. When it was virtual last year, was there still a stipend for living expenses? That is my biggest concern. If we're overseas, everything is covered. If we're in the States, will I still need to foot the bill for my living expenses? I would love to be able to focus exclusively on the CLS curriculum this summer, instead of balancing it with a part-time job.
  7. I've received no information yet regarding Mandarin. I am cautiously optimistic about in-person learning, but I know some other programs have switched to virtual.
  8. I’m a graduate student and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. If accepted as a finalist, I imagine I will be older than many members of the Chinese cohort.
  9. Just got an email that I’m a semifinalist for Mandarin!
  10. Hope so too. Don’t want to call Victoria at the last minute to request a reversal of the program. I am NOT paying to quarantine myself.
  11. I committed to the SAIS-Tsinghua program this morning. Super excited for what’s to come!
  12. I haven't heard back on reconsideration or received an invitation to a talk yet.
  13. I hope not because I have other offers that need a response by 4/15.
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