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  1. Sorry to bump into this thread, but a quick question: Is NCSU considered a notch above or more "top-tier" than Minnesota and PennState Stats? Or would one place these big state schools in the same tier?
  2. Does Mike Daniels at UF still advise students? His research seems interesting to me; but his website is not updated and he seems to have a history of moving around departments. If anyone from UF could weigh in, it would help.
  3. If I do a Biostatistics Phd and (hypothetically) publish well, say in good biostat journals like Biometrics, AoAs, Stat Med, etc. , how hard is it to find a *top* postdoc in Statistics and a TT position in a reasonably good stat department after that? By a biostat PhD, I mean in departments outside of Harvard/UW/JHU. I'm new to all this, but I believe that even for a postdoc position in Statistics, more theoretical papers are expected? Please do weigh in! Thanks
  4. Agree with above that Duke is also a good choice (I was a BS+MS statsci student there). Although from the profs bayessays mentions, Reiter barely does Bayesian stats or ML(he is more into missing data etc. and is quite non-theoretical). Gelfand is great if spatial stats interests you, but he is at an almost-retiring stage. Dunson, Hoff, West, Mukherjee are all excellent choices; even Tokdar (for bayes theory) and Li Ma (more computational focused), I'll add.
  5. Michigan biostat admits people directly to their PhD program in late Feb usually. Their initial decisions are rejects/PhDs downgraded to MS. So it's probably just a waiting game.
  6. What exactly is the issue with TAMU’s location and culture? I’m not domestic, and TAMU is one of the schools I’m considering favorably, so wanted to know
  7. I'm still waiting on UNC. BU has already rejected me. Are you domestic or intl?
  8. @likewater In the same boat 🙁. Also, have you heard from UNC biostats yet?
  9. Has any international student heard from UNC Biostatistics yet?
  10. Has anyone here heard from Washington Biostats? They sent out results by this time last year.
  11. What other forums are you checking? Do you mean the Chinese forums?
  12. @Joystats I'm international and studying in the US. Nothing from either of them.
  13. @likewater yeah, seems like it. Fingers crossed !
  14. @likewater if you’ve applied to UNC, have you heard from them yet?
  15. Same here. But they barely take people anyway 😶
  16. Seems like Columbia Biostats has sent out quite a few rejections today.
  17. Minnesota biostats sent out first round offers some time ago. Brown biostat has also sent out interview invitations.
  18. Your undergrad GPA is really low for an international student. Your master's mostly won't compensate for that. Research experience only helps if it is something methodological (preferably not just applying statistical models). Your letters should attest to that. Your list is probably right. If you really want to add higher ranked places, I'd say add Emory and Vanderbilt, but they will be reaches because of size, general reputation etc. All UCs on your list will be very competitive due to location, and you should know that Maryland needs the Math gre.
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