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  1. Congrats! I've heard great things about Drexel. I have one more interview but I am deciding between Iowa's Genetics program (applied to neuroscience but got routed to genetics instead) and the Behavioral and Neural Sciences program at Rutgers-Newark. Anyone know much about the Newark area? I'm not sure how far the stipend will go somewhere that close to NYC.
  2. Thanks! I saw someone post on the results page earlier this week but wasn't sure if it was legit. I heard back from Utah after I posted, they said "the admissions committee is still in the process of selection, you should hear back soon."
  3. Has anyone heard about interviews (or anything) from Utah?
  4. Anyone know when OHSU's Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) will be sending invites? I'm going a little crazy waiting, I saw on their website invitation emails are supposed to be sent around Dec. 15th, but it doesn't look like they have sent anything out yet? It didn't help that yesterday I saw a bunch of invites go out from the Behavioral Neuroscience program but nothing from the NGP
  5. I haven't stopped lurking this forum since I sent in my applications but I haven't seen much overlap to where I am applying, I figured I'd post my info in case there are any other similar lurkers. Undergrad: Decently ranked small liberal arts school Major: Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology cGPA: 3.2 Major GPA: 3.6 GRE: V-161 (88th %), Q-156 (60th %), AW-4.5 (81st %) Where I have applied: Colorado - Boulder (Behavioral, Psychiatric, Statistical Genetics/neuro), Utah (neuro), Iowa (neuro), OHSU (neuro), Illinois (neuro), Rutgers (Behavioral and Neural Sciences), Dartmouth (Quantitative biomedical sciences), University of Alabama Birmingham (neuro) Research Experience: ~3.5 years so far * 1.5 years post-bac full-time research in a computational biology/neuro lab * 2 years undergrad in a variety of labs: a few traumatic brain injury labs, an animal cognition lab, and a clinical psych lab Publications: 5 posters so far, 3 of which are 1st author. 2 in a major conference, won't have a paper in press for at least a few more months. Research interests: these have changed significantly since I graduated so I have been trying to get as much post-bac experience in the appropriate field. I am interested in finding biomarkers predictive of cognitive phenotype and risk for psychiatric conditions using genetic and neuroimaging data. Misc.: * Should have 3 very strong LoR, and felt surprisingly good about my SoP Anyone applying to similar programs? Or know of other programs where there's some faculty focused on psychiatric genetics still accepting apps?
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