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  1. For consulting. They don't care what you learn, they only care about which university you go. For international, I guess they only consider graduate students from Harvard, MIT and Stanford.
  2. There might be more interviews, they will eventually send 25 offers( do not guarantee). PiN is really brutal, but they also have really outstanding students. You will enjoy it and meet great people there.
  3. 650 applicants for 25 offers. That's what I heard. Last year they only had 400.
  4. At least that start with me on 12th when Baylor start to send out their interview.
  5. Exactly me. I applied to several safe schools and they didn't want me. BBS is the first notification I got. I was totally frustrated these days.
  6. WTF. I just got an invitation from Harvard BBS. I was almost going to kill myself yesterday since I didn't get invited by PiN in Harvard.
  7. Thx. I will try to not kill myself until January!!!!!!
  8. Did anyone hear from Yale? I freaked out when I saw someone got interview from BBS.
  9. Refreshing this page every 5 mins. Can someone take the F5 from my keyboard?
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