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  1. Thanks for the replies. It's mainly because even to apply for a Master's I need a Master's. Also because the LoRs would be stronger from a US based Master's + the one I did was of very poor quality, tbh (there were no better quality ones). One of the POIs I wrote to also suggested I work in more reputable labs, which just aren't available in my country.
  2. Hi all, This was my second application process (with better GRE scores + 2+ years of research ex + Master's + 1 first author publication and 4 under review). Despite this I didn't get into a PhD program. I think my Master's grades had to do with it. Got notified about an acceptance to NYU for a Master's. I was hoping I'd get in there for PhD, but that did not happen. They do not provide any funding. Is there any way to get scholarships/funding? I definitely cannot afford to pay/take out a loan, unfortunately. (note: I'm an international student from a developing country). I also don't think that for at least 5-6 years, I won't be able to apply again (by that time I'd have to somehow figure out a way to stay financially afloat, lol) Any other advice?
  3. Welp, same! And it was with a PI who was extremely excited with what I've done so far. Can't help but be demotivated, because keeping in mind my financial situation, I might not be able to apply (it's already my second round) again for at least a couple of years. 😕 Also sucks that I keep getting ads for OSU everywhere?
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