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  1. @AceRadI contacted my POI a few weeks after and I was waitlisted
  2. It varies program to program and year by year. If you want to see some school statistics, you can buy a 3-month subscription to APA's book on these programs: https://gradstudy.apa.org/ for $20. This contains each school's data from 2018-2019 year. This does not have information on waitlists, but it does say x people were offered admission and y people enrolled. It also tells you about what parts of the application the program gives weight too. I like having it and its nice to refer to but its more useful before you apply. If you have a specific school or two, message me and I can send you the stats.
  3. DM me your POI, I had a phone interview recently.
  4. Has anyone heard anything from Stony Brook University?
  5. That's awesome! Congrats! Do you mind DMing me the initials of your POI?
  6. I'm also curious about who you heard back from at UMass! Please let me know if you'd like to
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