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  1. I’m in the same boat here and it’s killing me. Even I have no idea where I stand on the waitlist. I don’t know how I will wait till April 15
  2. Folks who attended the USC clinical interview..any idea how many people interviewed and how many were offered acceptances? thanks in advance
  3. I am also waitlisted and the wait is killing me. I got to know from my POI beginning of this month and I plan to email him sometime next month if I don’t here back just to make sure he doesn’t forget me I’m in the same boat as you... praying the people before me gets into an even better program 😃
  4. Hi guys! I found out I am waitlisted at my top choice program and I was wondering if anyone can shed light on how the waitlist works? Will I be considered only if the person accepted by my poi declines the offer or does it not matter? Is their a ranking given to the waitlisted and they are considered accordingly irrespective or POI? thanks in advance
  5. Hi! Incase the USC poster sees this.. congratulations on ur acceptance. Was the phone call from your poi? Did they say when the official acceptance mails would be sent? thanks in advance
  6. Hi! I could not find a thread for health so thought of making one. I have applied to UCLA health psychology and haven’t heard back. Anyone has any information whether their interview invites are already out?
  7. University of Washington results poster who wrote about the PI receiving 120 plus applications ( woahh 😮 ) can you message me your PI? Congratulations and thanks in advance.
  8. Has anyone here applied to UC San Diego for social? Any idea if all interview invites are out?
  9. This makes so much sense.. this is my first cycle n I hv made the mistake of choosing multiple mentors. Some websites specified to choose atleast two n max 3. This led to believe that I was to choose multiple people. This definitely impacted the quality of sop as I cudnt b too specific about research topics n stuck to describing the general area of interest. What a bummer.. I wish this process was not so cryptic. Being an international student makes it all the more difficult as I didn’t kno anyone in the field.
  10. Are u the person who posted in results? Poi dr king? Congratulations! If not can u dm me ur poi? I applied to the child clinical as well.
  11. Hey! I have applied to Washington state and still haven’t heard anything back.
  12. Hi! I have applied to Stanford and UC Irvine for affective science ( psychology PhD). Haven’t heard back from either programs. Anyone in the same boat? Is there anyone who has any information on these? The waiting is getting unbearable 😐
  13. Hey! Thanks.. if you don’t mind can you dm me ur poi?
  14. Has anyone heard back from university of Washington? I applied to child clinical stream. Any idea when they will send interview invites?
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