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  1. Sometimes they waited till the end of the process to make sure. Because I know some people who got acceptance on first days of April. Of course, it is rare, but not impossible.
  2. Is there anyone who is planning to attend Michigan State Uni HDFS campus interview. I have a question. Thanks
  3. I am an international applicant. I contacted to POIs ahead of time. Some of the professors replied my e-mails and said that this year it is less likely to accept internationals because they cost more than domestics. I did not read that it is discrimination and I can get if they have some budget problems or etc. Also it is not possible for all applicant to fly to US since the costs or visa. Maybe they can get online interviews. Hope that's help.
  4. Phd is a process of learning. If you were fully capable of designing an experiment from scratch, you would not need to become a phd student. Do not forget that it is a school and the goal is learning and becoming equipped. I would search what was done in the past research and what was used as a method. Nobody expects you to have fully designed ideas. Because even during the conducting a research your hypothesis can change. Good luck!!
  5. As far as I understand, it is important for some programs to be able to collaborate with other faculties. Because sometimes as a requirement you should in a different lab at least for a semester to gain experience. I would name a professor if I were you. Good luck!
  6. Getting interviews is pretty stressful in the nature. I think the universities are aware of this situation. One of the programs sent the interview schedule yesterday, and they mentioned that they will be providing a couple of empty rooms to get relaxed or to meditation or to pray. Maybe they will provide this kind of opportunity too. Good luck!!
  7. Hi everyone, All my applications are almost done. I applied six programs. I noticed that Northern Illinois University's deadline is Feb 1. Is there anyone who applied or think about applying? Because I have no idea about the university. Every insight is valuable. Because I am on a tight budget and so for I only got one interview invite, so I cannot decide. Any ideas? Cheers
  8. My undergraduate and masters degree in Psych. Also I am a phd student in psych. But I applied mostly to HDFS programs. My priority was mainly to be matched with POI. I am sure there are negative sides to be in HDFS programs. I believe it has a more limited scope and it also is seen as less scientific which I believe not. Also I think it is little bit more challenging to become a professor in psych department. However I would love to hear other views because I am somehow confused too.
  9. I am waiting for Family Social Science phd program. I know that they will send out the invitations around late January and early February.
  10. I think the winter break will be over next week, and they start to review the applications. It can mean that maybe we have wait for another week This is killing me!!
  11. Yes I noticed the same glitch. I could not resist, and sent an e-mail to Georgetown to ask whether they sent official interviews or not. I will let you know if they will reply.
  12. I think Georgetown has sent out the invitations. However I did not get a rejection e-mail. I guess this is the time to stop hoping and move on, right?
  13. You should mention what have you done so far for disadvantageous individuals.
  14. Hi all, I will be traveling from Tulsa, OK to Lansing, MI on Feb 5. Is there anyone going to the interview to MSU. Maybe we can meet!! Please DM me cheers
  15. Hi I see what your concerns about. Of course, I do not know what your POI thinks about this issue but generally professors do not want students who are little clones of themselves. I think it is good that your have some common interests and you have some different backgrounds too. This is your room for improving yourself. You can explain your background and research interest. And then you should explain how motivated you are to learn other aspects of it. It would not be realistic to expect from prospective students to know all about literature or all about analysis. On the other hand, I think it would be smart to read about SEM to at least understand to gist of it. Best of luck
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