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  1. From what I know from the community and the HGSE website, the answer is most likely yes. Interviews are needed to be admitted. I also saw that they added more information on the program description. I wish they did it before the deadline, I believe I would have had a stronger application and could have highlighted so much more of my relationships and work with public school districts and philanthropic foundations! I wish I could have a do-over or convince them to interview me! Haha! But such is life. I can't help but feel a little gutted (ok. a lot 😔) and robbed, but this program is very difficult to get into. Like what was said above, we have a lot left to give! We are so awesome for applying, and I have no doubt you are all going to do amazing things! I'm ready to take this energy and put it to good use!
  2. I really appreciate that @ImJuju!
  3. Have not heard back. In case anyone needs to feel better about this situation, here is my story: I found out today, that I made a mistake on my resume, so I emailed them to clear it up (I got the month on one of my start dates wrong, so I need to clear that up, as an alum.) - 1st strike. I emailed admissions, just to clear it up. I had 2 typos in said email. - 2nd strike. So, I emailed a correction of THAT email, with a new typo. - 3rd strike. I couldn't feel my body, I cried a little, hyperventilated a tad at my desk, went to the bathroom to panic in privacy, then decided to take some of the morning off to get myself together. 🙃 Happy Monday. 😪😪😪 (and don't email admissions if you're feeling nervous... )
  4. Hey @ImJuju, Please DM me if you'd like to chat. (Anyone for that matter, my DM's are open.)
  5. You can easily find an archived HGSE webpages from a past date. 😀 Truth is that we don't know their procedures in place. Could be today, next week, who knows- but just wanted to share. Best of luck! 🤞
  6. Reason why I say this is because I now realized, last year, interviews happened on the Feb 21-22 (which is not the case this year) and folks were notified on 3 weeks prior. Seems like the pattern of Thur/Fri notification is correct, but it's not necessarily towards the end/start of the month, but rather 3 weeks prior to interview dates. This year, interviews fall on Feb 27-28, not the week prior like last year. Who knows!
  7. I haven't heard anything either! Maybe the interviews could be going out next Friday? Either way, sending positive vibes to all!
  8. Hmm.. It could be a good thing. I was only followed after I became a Ed.M student many years ago. They also seem to follow cool change-makers in the space. I can't say for 100%, I by no means have that inside intel or anything. I would say because the Ed.L.D. is a small cohort, they might want to stay updated on what you're doing and how you engage. Either way, I believe its a positive thing! Best of luck everyone. This is exciting and I'm rooting for us all. No open houses, but attended virtual recordings, city meet ups and chatted with alums.
  9. Oops- I meant Feb 3rd. Also, I just checked my linkedin - also got searched, but like @Javi9 said, it could be someone doing their research!
  10. That's correct. PhD invites go out before Ed.L.D. It's safe to say they'll go out Jan 30, 31st or Feb 2nd. Good to all!
  11. Freedom17

    HGSE 2020

    Posting in hopes more Ed.L.D. applicants come out of the bushes! Program/Concentration: Ed.L.D.GRE Score: AverageGPA: 3.3 undergrad(last 2 years – 3.8) / 3.9 gradWork Experience: 1 year at Edtech startup., 2 years at Ed Non-Profit, 2 years at IGO, 1 year public school teacher. Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): Top 10 undergrad/Ed.M. from HGSE (happy to answer questions!) What Other Schools Are You Applying To: None, No other program like Ed.L.D. Hope there are more Ed.L.D. applicants! Happy to answer Ed.M. questions.
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