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  1. Hmm.. It could be a good thing. I was only followed after I became a Ed.M student many years ago. They also seem to follow cool change-makers in the space. I can't say for 100%, I by no means have that inside intel or anything. I would say because the Ed.L.D. is a small cohort, they might want to stay updated on what you're doing and how you engage. Either way, I believe its a positive thing! Best of luck everyone. This is exciting and I'm rooting for us all. No open houses, but attended virtual recordings, city meet ups and chatted with alums.
  2. Oops- I meant Feb 3rd. Also, I just checked my linkedin - also got searched, but like @Javi9 said, it could be someone doing their research!
  3. That's correct. PhD invites go out before Ed.L.D. It's safe to say they'll go out Jan 30, 31st or Feb 2nd. Good to all!
  4. Freedom93

    HGSE 2020

    Posting in hopes more Ed.L.D. applicants come out of the bushes! Program/Concentration: Ed.L.D.GRE Score: AverageGPA: 3.3 undergrad(last 2 years – 3.8) / 3.9 gradWork Experience: 1 year at Edtech startup., 2 years at Ed Non-Profit, 2 years at IGO, 1 year public school teacher. Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): Top 10 undergrad/Ed.M. from HGSE (happy to answer questions!) What Other Schools Are You Applying To: None, No other program like Ed.L.D. Hope there are more Ed.L.D. applicants! Happy to answer Ed.M. questions.
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