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  1. Has anyone heard back from the UW-Madison NTP since the interviews?
  2. Has anyone gotten any funding information from the University of Florida?
  3. UW-Madison does a lot of vision research.
  4. Was this an interview for admission to the program? Or for funding? I'm just curious because I got my acceptance letter to UF last week, but received a request for a short 10min interview yesterday and I am a little confused.
  5. My PI and I discussed the best approaches to the faculty interview portion of admissions and he was of the opinion that having notes for each interview would be looked up favorably. That way even if you don't have a lot of overlap with a particular professor you are at least demonstrating that you have cared enough to read some of their work and can show that you are capable of thoughtfully engaging. Plus then you have notes right there in front of you!
  6. Have you heard anything from Duke?
  7. I did not receive this email, but I did receive an interview invite mid-December.
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