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  1. Congrats! Call or email their admissions coordinator, I bet they'll tell you. Going into the interview process, I had read online somewhere that most programs will interview 3-5 applicants per seat, but I think maybe it was for PhD programs... I asked at all three schools where I interviewed, and it was 2 applicants per seat at all of them.
  2. Oregon went great, and I got in-- found out 2 days later. SDSU interview (this last Saturday) was a little shakier, supposed to find out by next Wednesday. (Fingers crossed.) Whole experience at App State in NC was a bit bizarre; going to chalk it up to a bad fit for me in several ways. Haven't heard back since they've got one more round of interviews this week. Cancelled my Jefferson interview since Oregon was my #2 choice. @PsyZei, have you made a decision yet or are you still waiting on funding packages?
  3. This was honestly the first thing I thought-- what if it was just a stress test? Not sure if this is common since I haven't started interviewing yet, but it seems like the ability to keep one's cool for clinical anything is pretty crucial.
  4. Lots of threads for MFT PhD programs but I couldn't find one for Master's programs! Where did you apply? Where have you heard back from? I applied to SDSU, Jefferson, U of Oregon, and Appalachian State. As of yesterday have been invited to interview at U of Oregon (2/13) and Appalachian State (2/21).
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