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  1. Finally accepted offer from UPenn, and time to leave this thread behind. Thank you guys for your answers, suggestions and encouragement, and for creating a place of positive and good vibes for applicants to sociology programs this year! Good luck for those who are still waiting for decisions. The long waiting for decisions is super anxious but it will be behind you one day. Don't lose hope!
  2. Thank you for your information! I could log in after retrieving password but no decision, either.
  3. Hi everyone, I am a newcomer here, and happy to join the thread! I saw some results posted on the board as well as your signatures about the rejection from UCLA and waitlist from UNC at Chapel Hill. I applied to both but heard nothing from them. I checked both portals but saw no updates at all; also tried to check decision status of UCLA on https://appstatus.grad.ucla.edu/account/AppStatus.aspx but saw "your login attempt was not successful" (I put in all information correctly though...). I am wondering if anyone is in the same situation...and is it too early now to email these departments to inquire about the decision? So anxious waiting for them Thanks!!
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