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  1. Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice on what to apply for next cycle. I would obviously prefer just to get into a top PhD program in the US right off the bat but neither my GPA nor research experience are amazing. I know the general advice on here is to avoid paying for a masters program, but in addition to wanting to make up for my UG GPA, I'm from the UK where a masters is a requirement for most PhD programs so doing a masters would mean I could apply for PhDs both here and in the US. Anyway I wanted to ask people thought it was worth doing a masters in the hopes of getting into a T1
  2. Hi, has anyone else applied to American University in DC for an Education Program (specifically Education Policy & Leadership)? :)) (or has anyone applied there in previous years?)
  3. i've seen on past forums that this has happened before to people who have applied for PhDs and been recommended for an M.Ed?
  4. Hi! Does anyone know when scholarship/ fin aid decisions are usually made? I was just wondering if what you are offered at admission is essentially as much as you'll end up getting by the end of the period (clearly my programme made admissions decisions quite quickly as it's only feb). Received a 15k tc scholarship at the same time as I was offered admission (MA candidate), but I've heard departmental scholarships typically come out later? (and I know they have other institutional scholarships too -- has anyone been given a tc international scholarship?)
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