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  1. This thread is pretty dead but I thought I'd give some advice for future folks! I live in Wichita and have for 10 years, currently finishing my second bachelor's. WSU isn't in a great neighborhood depending on what side of campus you're on — the 17th and Hillside area is pretty sketchy. When I was originally in undergrad I knew someone who was robbed at gunpoint while sitting in their car at night in a campus lot, and I definitely wouldn't be out and about on/near campus after dark if I were alone. That being said, WSU is a great campus as far as getting from one building to another and
  2. I'm applying to 3 MA forensic psy programs and am feeling pretty good at this point. Took my first GRE practice test today (2/3 of my schools require it) and my scores were right in line with what I was hoping for based on averages of accepted applicants / goal scores I got from my prospective programs. LoRs are done, I just have to tidy up my CV, do my personal statement and essays, pay my fees and take the GRE in December... I got my BFA in a totally unrelated field five years ago and am finishing an undergrad in Criminal Justice, minor Psychology, hopefully in May. Being a non-traditiona
  3. I'm applying to MA Forensic (and Legal) Psy programs.
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