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  1. The professor/supervisor will guide you through the material. I don't think they expect anyone to be an expert. Also, you've made it this far, don't sell yourself too short.
  2. I mean, I will definitely take that over teaching undergrads...
  3. Just received the TA assignment. Looks like I'm doing "publication administration' with a Professor at NPSIA instead of a normal course, whatever that means...
  4. It doesn't show how many hours I have in my admission awards, just the total award amount...
  5. I just emailed Kailey earlier this week. She said we should be finding out in the middle of August, so ASAP hopefully? I also just sent out all my employment paperwork to HR. Got the INAF 5018 syllabus today via email. Anyone else get a chance to read it?
  6. I recall reading an email earlier this year that specified they would be more "sympathetic" to final econ grades in light of the current situation. Don't quote me on that though. I really don't know what that would mean in a practical sense.
  7. I'm also very down to grab a coffee with anybody in Ottawa. It would be nice to meet some other people in the program! Just DM as well.
  8. Is anyone doing a TA'ship? I still haven't heard anything or have any assignments in my Carleton Central. Does anyone know anything about what that process looks like?
  9. I think we will cross paths for sure! Our timetables are almost identical hahaha. It says you're from Calgary too? Are you moving to Ottawa for the Fall or staying there?
  10. I'm in DFP, also curious to see what anyone in this field designation is opting for as well. My time ticket opens up at 14:30. Fall 5012 5011 5016 5100 - Canada in Int'l Affairs Winter 5403 - Diplomacy and Foreign Policy 5429 - Sel. Topics in DFP (might change this one) 5703 - International Public Economics
  11. French for sure. I took German in undergrad but obviously French is much more necessary. I'm thinking of taking the Rosetta Stone option, it seems like the most effective way to learn the language since everything will be online anyways.
  12. How many of you are still moving to Ottawa? I'm still going, as I'd like to be near campus in the event that courses are online and I need to meet with anybody or do things in person (if possible). Also hoping that I can still find a Co-op next summer in Ottawa. Anyone else thinking similarly?
  13. So apparently, his reasoning is that they can't get cleaners/maintenance to prepare units for new tenants, as of a protocol with the City of Ottawa... I told him that I would wait and will probably rent elsewhere. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  14. I hope you're right! I'll press them further and see what's going on... Thanks.
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