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    Albuquerque, NM

    Anyone have an educated opinion on Albuquerque? I'm looking at applying to UNM and over the week I overheard the Albuquerque is a pretty rough city. I received the information third hand, so I wanted to check out if any one has any good/bad experiences with Albuquerque. Let me know.
  2. MAN

    Which Econ MA program would be better?

    I've heard a few complaints about NYU's MA program. They've got a reputation of bringing in students as TAs and working the heck out of them. I can't say anything from personal experience, but that is the rumors I've heard.
  3. MAN

    Finding info on city tools & other things

    I don't want this to sound like an advertisement, but I found a cool forum that goes into a bit more detail about various cities. The website is http://www.city-data.com/forum. Since most of my schools are in smaller communities, it has been a good resource for me finding out more about them. Feel free to check it out. Note: I have not been paid by any website to post this (or any of my other forum/blog posts). I'm just trying to be helpful.
  4. MAN

    Admits/Offer for fall 09

    Most economics talk is done on this board: http://www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/ Here's there forum on Economics decisions: http://www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/108441-decisions-thread.html I actually kind of prefer Grad Cafe's forum, but I can't change the group mentality of the rest of the Econ applicants.
  5. MAN

    Eugene, OR

    Anyone have any updated information on Eugene/Uni of Oregon?
  6. MAN

    Ft. Collins, CO

    I'll bump this thread because CSU is one of my top choices for grad school. Does anyone have any updated info on CSU/Fort Collins? I'm interested to hear if there is any good places to live near campus. Any other information about nightlife/activities would also be helpful. Thanks!
  7. I think the wait to find out about funding is worse than the wait to find out about acceptance. Maybe it is just me, but I felt pretty confident that I'd get into a couple of schools. I am far less confident that anyone will fund me.
  8. MAN

    Official Television thread

    Here's my list: 30 Rock The Office Earl Burn Notice Psych Chuck (comes back on Monday!!!) Tony Bourdain: No Reservations HIMYM (How I met your mom) Scrubs (surprisingly not terrible since the network switch) The Simpsons Others not on right now: Mythbusters Prototype This (anyone else watch this? It's amazing what they do in only a few weeks) Last Comic Standing
  9. It probably means you have a good chance, but nobody here knows exactly what percent chance that is.
  10. MAN

    Monkey University acceptance

    To the one who got rejected on the results page, I'd imagine you'd have a better chance of arguing for speciel (species-al? special?) discrimination.
  11. MAN

    recruitment weekend conflicts

    - Cost to travel to each school (unless both schools are picking up the tab) - Which one has a better social scene (there are going to be off-campus activities, aren't there?) - Weather (I'd probably go to a southern/western school over a northern school) - Prestige - Ease of travel (i.e. if school A is right near a large airport, it will be easier to travel to than a more remote school)
  12. MAN

    Straight Through Or Returning

    I'm coming back from a 5 year hiatus. I've had a lot of concerns about having a long break, but we will see how I do.
  13. MAN

    Good sign?

    I wouldn't mess with frankdux. I mean, he did win the Kumate.
  14. MAN

    Frustrated with a school...

    The school I had ranked as my #1 option before I filled out applications is now hovering somewhere in the "also ran" area. It's interesting to see how quickly things can go from great to meh.
  15. I'd guess that the placement from any of the top 10 schools would be comparable (I'm not familiar with your major, so I'm not completely sure). So, any gain from going to the #1 school over the #10 school is going to marginable. You just need to decide which school/town/atmosphere you would be happiest studying at for the next half decade.
  16. One of the schools that accepted me said that funding was "under consideration." I shot the department secretary a casual e-mail inquiring about the process. According to her, that school/department does rolling admissions for the Fall. Then, they take all of their applicants and decide who gets what funding and for how much. She said I will be notified of a decision sometime in March. I can't say if your school/department works the same way, but you can always inquire about the process.
  17. MAN

    Calling the admissions office

    Pack up your bags, you are officially a grad student. Every school I have been accepted to used to old "Hello" line as well. I wonder how much funding this means you will get.
  18. MAN

    Prestige Poll

    I think the second to last option should be, ">50" instead of "<50." >50 - greater than 50 <50 - less than 50
  19. MAN

    Anyone have CV samples?

    When I was looking for CV smaples, I looked at the department websites for the schools I was applying to. I looked at the various teachers' CVs as well as the listed grad students. It gave me a good idea of the standard format in my field.
  20. I'm not sure if the FAFSA is needed for TA/RAs. I was going to fill out a FAFSA regardless. What's the worst case scenario? You get some Federal aid? You qualify for the subsidized loans?
  21. MAN

    Columbus, OH

    You could start here: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=185
  22. MAN

    The wait... part 2

    I am one of those lucky people that have already heard back from a few schools in regards to admission. My earliest acceptance was Colorado State (I heard sometime in mid-December). When I got the acceptance letter, it said "Funding - Under Consideration." It kind of reminds me of the great Dave Berry talking about going to Disney World. I don't know the exact quote, but the idea was that you get to Disney, and you wait in a line to get your tickets. Then, you take your tickets and wait in line to get on the monorail. After the monorail, you wait in line to get into the park. Finally, you are in the park, and you get to wait in line to get on Space Mountain (or any other attraction you prefer). Yes, I'm excited to have been admitted, but that doesn't mean my waiting has ended. Now I wait to hear back about funding. Along with this, there are a whole new set of neuroses. Now I start thinking, "Am I a borderline admit? Does the wait for funding make me less likely to get any? What if they don't get back to me by the April 15th deadline?" and so on. Well, after reading someone else's post about asking for funding, I got up the courage to ask the department for a time line on when a decision will be made. According to the person I asked, the school takes all their admits and ranks them using GPA, GRE, etc. Then they give out funding based on the qualifications. She said they start the process in Feb. and come to a decision in March. This puts some of my worries to bed, but now I'm going to be watching the calendar for March to role around. The wait continues.
  23. Emma, Thanks for posting that link. It was a great read. Everyone on this board should check it out.
  24. MAN

    Where do you hope you wind up?

    I grew up in the Midwest and currently live in the East (Southeast). I'm hoping to go out west. The East coast is overrated.
  25. MAN

    On a lighter note :)

    I had no intentions of going to grad school after getting my bachelor's. I went off and got a salaried job (semi-related to my economics major). I was working in investments sales. After a year in sales, I knew that I was no salesman. I left that position and went to the operations side of investment sales. The salary is decent and the job is easy, but there is still a lot of sales-y activities and the career is pretty much a dead end (unless I wanted to be a salesman). So, I looked for transfers within my company, but I didn't see any good options. I took a look at what I was doing and realized I don't care about the investment industry. I always enjoyed economics throughout my undergrad experience and the jobs I want to pursue are easier to obtain with an advanced degree, I put them together and decided to pursue grad school in economics.

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