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  1. I received an interview invite a couple days ago! Hope you hear from them soon!
  2. I got an invite from UW MCB earlier today! Fingers crossed that you hear from them! 🤞
  3. I submitted early November for Cell Bio and the email says they're hosting other virtual sessions as well. I'm sure you'll hear something, hang in there!
  4. Got an invite from UT Health/MDA yesterday! Hoping you hear from them also!
  5. Ended up applying to biomed sci umbrella programs at UTSW, UTHSCSA, Stanford, UMiami, University of Washington, Scripps, UMB, USUHS, and a couple others! Submitted mid November and so far I've received interview invites from Miami and UTHSCSA best of luck to you this season!
  6. I would add the University of Iowa to your list. They have a strong Microbiology and Immunology department with reputable faculty and good funding.
  7. It's def overwhelming given the pandemic. The main message from PhD program directors (biosciences) at the virtual NIH grad fair was: 1) gre requirements being dropped by multiple programs that previously required them but haven't updated their webpages (e.g. Miami, UT Health at San Antonio, etc), 2) interviews likely being virtual depending on state/city (sad), and 3) apply to more schools than usual bc of covid (fee waivers are available).
  8. Your list doesn't seem top heavy (I see a lot of pretty good target schools). However, I would suggest adding more schools to your list. I attended the NIH Graduate School Fair today and the program directors from Harvard, UT Southwestern, Augusta, etc all recommended that we apply to more schools this cycle (~12-15) due to covid affecting everything
  9. I'm applying to: Utah, Maryland, Penn State, Wisconsin, UCSD, UT-Houston, UTMB, Hopkins, Stanford, and Brown-NIH GPP. For cell and molecular biology, biochemistry (biomedical sciences umbrella) programs.
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