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  1. My application to UofT has been under review since the 2nd week of Dec, but the timelines may be slightly different as I applied to the advanced standing stream. Good luck everyone with your applications!! 😄
  2. I have a BSW myself from the prairies & I'm also looking at applying for UofT or UBC (Vancouver not Okanagan) for 2021! Like you I can't seem to find much about UBC on these forums, as most active users seem to be from Ontario. I found this post about UBC's faculty of social work (albeit from a BSW graduate, so it may not speak to the MSW program), which doesn't seem very optimistic... Hopefully the highlighted issues are mainly for their 2-year MSW program (which has suspended admissions for a few years now) & not for the advanced standing. Have a look: I believe CASWE prov
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