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  1. I was saying that the "This is the only program I'm apply to" argument may work for professors who are both hungry for new grad students and interested in you as a potential PhD student. This is because professors who are less able to retain potential grad students they like wanna ensure that if they give you an offer, you are more likely to accept the offer, so that they can secure a new grad student for their labs. Therefore, they are more likely to admit students who show genuine, intense interest in their labs. However, instead of telling them that "this is the only program I'm apply
  2. As someone who has a similar situation, I can completely understand where you are coming from. But I'm applying to only one neuroscience PhD program, but not only one PhD program. According to what I heard from a professor from my school, some professors are less able to take in students they like than other professors (since a department can only take in a fixed number of students every year, so some professors may have to compromise). So my guess is that, this "only program I'm applying to" may matter when 1) the POI really likes you; AND 2) the POI is short on graduate student in his/h
  3. Hello there! As my ID implies, I'm a highly unmotivated, hopeless neuroscience PhD applicant for this cycle. Hope that I can get some feedback to my question, and wish everyone good luck Undergrad: Double major in cog neuro + stats, minor in CS at a top20 non-Ivy uni GPA: 3.95 (honestly I don't think this matters) GRE: V162/Q168/W5.0 (again I don't think this matters) Research Experience: Clinical neuroscience lab 1 since freshman year Clinical neuroscience lab 2 (PI is very famous) since junior year, and now doing honors thesis Posters: one at undergrad sy
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